Hi, I'm Fiona!

 I am passionate about helping bring people to their full health potential through focusing on clean eating, physical activity, self-care and the removal of toxins and toxic habits. I want to help you find your glow!

I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Health Coach that is dedicated to clean living. As a mother of two I understand how hard it can be to put yourself first.  However by elevating your own health and happiness, you will have great improvements in all areas of your life. 

Through overcoming my own health and body challenges I have found a new level of health and happiness. An eating disorder and loss of my gallbladder in my teens, left me with exhausting digestive issues. I spent many years regaining my health and through proper nutrition and the elimination of inflammatory foods I was able to unlock my body’s power to treat and heal itself. I literally reached a new level of happiness and energy. 

My interest in health and wellbeing became even more prominent once I had children. I was determined to give them the best start in life, ensuring their exposure to toxins and pesticides was reduced. While there are so many toxins that we can’t avoid, there are so many that we can easily eliminate from our lives. Minimising toxins and increasing nutrients is a key element of health for ourselves and our families.  What enters our body affects us on a cellular level but a whole life level. Our level of health directly impacts everything that is important in our lives, affecting how we feel, how much energy we have , how happy we are and how capable we can be. 

My aim is to help introduce sustainable changes into your life that become a  fundamental part of how you live. I will help you to become accountable for your health and show you the essential ingredients that can deliver a life that is brighter and lighter than you imagined. 


My philosophy:

Hydrate, get enough sleep, consume quality produce, chew well, move daily, de-stress and avoid toxins!

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