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chandna rani
Apr 02, 2022
In Wellness Forum
In this sense, it is better than anyone else to evade the restrictions linked to confinements and adapt to the limitations imposed by the pandemic crisis. The last issue is that of the self-employment crisis. In the seven countries for which data is available, this mobile phone number list occupational category fell by 8.9%, varying from a drop of 4.8% in the Dominican Republic to a drop of 22.5% in Chile, although it should be mentioned that in Paraguay it grew 7.2%32. Except for those activities that are part of neighborhood economies, most self-employment takes place in mobile phone number list public spaces in cities. Confinement and restrictive mobility measures have directly affected this type of occupation. Of these three issues, the ones that most affect the marginal labor force are unemployment and, above all, the self-employment crisis. It is this last issue that mobile phone number list seems key to the labor issue. Its relevance is linked to the fact that self-employment is the main component of the structural surplus of the labor force; that is, historically, it has reflected the self-generation of employment in urban areas in the face of capital's inability to universalize wage-earning mobile phone number list relationships. In this sense, it is pertinent to make a comparison between the crisis of the 1980s and the current situation. In that decade, two labor phenomena must be highlighted: on the one hand, the incorporation of women from popular sectors into the labor market, which mobile phone number list gave rise to the feminization of these markets, in a situation that would last for the next decade; on the other, the growth of informality and, specifically, self-employment, which showed the persistence of the heterogeneity of the region's labor markets. With the current crisis, neither of the two phenomena seems to be relevant.
chandna rani
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