‘I have participated in many health management programs over my adult life, many with poor or no results. I have just completed Fiona’s four week health program which consisted of an initial consultation and weekly follow ups and ongoing support. I had been feeling sluggish, depressed, and lacking energy from not eating, exercising and drinking too much alcohol.  She designed a personal and realistic plan, we set weekly goals and it felt like teamwork! Fiona was always available at any time for my physical, mental or time struggles. Fiona included not only an eating plan and recipes but also provided personalised videos for meditation, exercise and self-care. Each week that passed I felt brighter, lighter and far more positive than ever before. Fiona at ‘Conscious You’ health coaching has made the greatest positive impact of my life, not only did I lose weight but learned new skills that I continue to put into practice. I now feel equipped to continue my health journey and I will continue to use her coaching services to help reset or fine tune my lifestyle. Thank you Fiona for your amazing coaching’.


Alexia White, aged 44

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